Phytopharma Ltd is experiencing exceptional growth and development, building strong foundations in the field of health supplements. With a constant pursuit of innovation and attention to consumer needs, the company is now entering a new era with the introduction of its new brand – Krilixir.

Knowledge, transparency and innovation are at the heart of this new product. Krilixir's philosophy is based on the latest scientific discoveries and the use of the highest quality ingredients. Transparency in the manufacturing process and ingredients ensures customers are getting a product they can trust.

With the new Krilixir brand, Phytopharma Ltd not only continues its successful history, but also sets new standards in the food supplement industry, providing innovative and quality solutions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Formulator of KRILIXIR

Mila Vacheva

The Director of Production at Phytopharma Ltd, Mila Vacheva, is not only a passionate formulator, but also a proud graduate of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Salford with a Master's degree in Pharmacognosy from University College London.

After starting her professional career in R&D at GlaxoSmithKlein in Ware, England, where she worked in the inhalation dosage form team, in 2014 Mila returned to Bulgaria and joined the family business at Phytopharma Ltd. There she takes responsibility for new developments and quality control. It now boasts over 200 developments, the majority of which are for international partners around the world.

Despite her busy schedule, Mila Vacheva's greatest career achievement is the development of KRILIXIR and the innovative products resulting from it. This project not only establishes her reputation as a highly skilled formulator, but also takes a well-deserved place as a diamond in her successful professional history.


Phytopharma Ltd was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing and producing effective nutritional supplements in soft gelatin capsules. The management of Phytopharma Ltd and the production premises are located in a building located in the industrial zone between the city of Troyan and the village of Oreshak.

"Since the beginning, our mission has been to develop highly effective nutritional supplements. We present our products in a fair and useful way. The pricing policy in pricing our nutritional supplements makes them affordable for anyone who can benefit from them. It is company policy not to use raw materials derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our production."

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Trusted partner

Superba KrillTM is a brand of biotechnology innovator and Antarctic krill harvesting company, Aker BioMarineTM .

Aker BioMarine controls the entire supply chain. This means that everything happens under the watchful eye and gives a unique insight into how we work.

Patented Flexitech technology allows krill oil to be extracted in a unique way to minimize processing and preserve naturally occurring nutrients that benefit human health. It also gives flexibility to increase the concentration of valuable nutrients in krill oil.

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Sustainability and eco-friendliness

With its new brand KRILIXIR , Phytopharma Ltd brings new air to the world of health supplements, demonstrating not only its commitment to health, but also to nature. With its sustainability mission, KRILIXIR uses vials from already recycled plastic ( rPET ), creating a product that is not only beneficial to human health, but also to the environment.

We believe in the cyclicality of nature, that's why the vials used by KRILIXIR, are not only already recycled, but also 100% suitable for future recycling. This approach underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and our desire to create a product that leaves no environmental footprint.

With KRILIXIR, Phytopharma Ltd combines natural benefits with sustainable practices, providing not only an innovative solution for health maintenance, but also protection of our planet.