KRILIXIR Krill Oil - The Essence of Life and the Natural Stimulant for Health

Antarctic krill , small shrimp-like crustaceans that inhabit the cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean, are a vital component of the marine food chain and the source of the unique nutritional supplement - KRILIXIR Krill Oil .

The mining process is strictly regulated and is carried out in an eco-friendly manner so as not to disturb the ecosystem and the environment.

KRILIXIR Krill Oil is a unique product for the Bulgarian market with a remarkable nutritional profile. The extract is rich in essential nutrients and has a positive effect on the human body - heart, brain, liver, immune system, skin and joints.

KRILIXIR Krill Oil - the benefits of the product:

The benefits of krill oil derive from its rich composition, which includes Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, antioxidants and choline . The supplement supports heart function, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function and supports overall cardiovascular health.

Heart health and cardiovascular benefits:

KRILIXIR Krill Oil is the right choice for maintaining heart health and the normal function of the cardiovascular system . Krill oil is the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Its regular intake has been clinically proven to lower triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.

The heart is the engine of the human body and regular consumption can help reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke . The ingredients in the product help prevent inflammation and infections in the heart system, reduce the formation of blood clots, reduce fat accumulation.

Benefits for the brain:

The brain, along with the heart, governs the human body. The correct function of the body depends precisely on their health. If the heart is the engine, then the brain is the on-board computer and its operation is of fundamental importance. KRILIXIR Krill Oil is the necessary support that every system in the human body needs. The omega-3 fatty acids and phospholipids in krill oil support cognitive function, improve memory, and may reduce the risk of age-related cognitive disorders .

Regular intake of the dietary supplement can also help regulate mood and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. KRILIXIR Krill Oil has proven positive properties on the brain and is a recommended ally against possible cognitive impairments.

Effect on the liver:

The liver, the largest organ in the body after the skin, is the "master laboratory" of the body. It has a digestive, metabolic, thermoregulatory, hemolytic, detoxifying and restorative function. It breaks down fats, regulates the metabolism of substances in the body , indirectly supports blood circulation and destroys old blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets). Through its numerous enzymes, the liver neutralizes toxins from food and various drinks, thus protecting the body from their harmful effects. The liver is a reservoir for blood. Various proteins and enzymes are produced in it, playing a major role in blood clotting.

The food supplement KRILIXIR Krill Oil contains choline , which is fundamental for the regular maintenance of this vital organ for the human body. Taking krill oil has a direct and indirect positive influence on detoxification processes .


Antarctic krill and the oil obtained from it offer numerous health benefits to the human body . From supporting the heart and cognitive processes to improving liver function , krill oil has become a popular dietary supplement for improving overall well-being.

KRILIXIR Krill Oil is the different product, clinically tested and with a proven positive effect on the human body . Of course, as with any supplement, it's important to consult a health professional before incorporating krill oil into your daily routine. That way, you'll be sure it's right for your specific health needs. With its impressive properties, krill oil continues to be highly valued by both modern medicine and the health and wellness lifestyle industry.


  1. What is in KRILIXIR Krill Oil?
    In one capsule of KRILIXIR Krill Oil you can find 500 mg. lipid extract from Antarctic krill, containing: EPA - 80mg., DHA - 40mg., Phosphatidylcholine - 250 mg. and 35 mg. choline.

  2. How is Krill Oil taken?
    The nutritional supplement functions most beneficially for the human body through accumulation. For best results, the soft gelatin capsules are taken daily and two per day .

  3. Where can I buy KRILIXIR Krill Oil and how much does it cost?
    KRILIXIRKrill Oil can be purchased online at or in the pharmacy network . The recommended price of one package of the food supplement is BGN 78. 50 pcs.