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Krilixir Vision 3-Pack Kit

Krilixir Vision 3-Pack Kit

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30 capsules

Net weight: 45.00 g .


The food supplement is applied as an aid to the diet, which:
• protects against damage caused by free radicals;
• contributes to the maintenance of normal vision;
• helps reduce eye fatigue caused by digital stress and filtering blue light;
• helps reduce stiffness in the shoulders and lower back associated with eye strain.


Superba 2 - Lipid extract of the crustacean Antarctic krill , Gelatin, Glycerin, Eyemuse™ postbiotic, Calendula extract containing lutein and zeaxanthin, Beeswax, Vitamin A, Colors: Calcium carbonate and iron oxide (red).


As a dietary supplement for adults, take one capsule daily after a meal.

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